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3 tips for a successful job change

(NC) Are you ready for a career pivot? Maybe you want to chase that employment dream you’ve had, level up your skills to try something new or just get a change of scenery. If you’re considering taking this leap, here are three ways to make sure you have a successful switch.

1. Identify your strengths and desires

Any new career path should be led by your strengths and experience. Are you an outgoing people-person? Then perhaps a client-facing job would be a good fit. Would you rather stay behind a computer? Then maybe data entry, design or a writing career would be ideal. Research different roles where your prior skills would be a sought-after benefit.

You should also think about what will give you job satisfaction. Do you love to explore new places? A role that requires travel could lead you to cities you might not otherwise get to visit. Do you enjoy the social interactions of office life, or prefer remote? Write your own “job listing” for your ideal position so you know where you’re willing to compromise as well as your must-haves.

2. Understand the industry

Most industries have associations that provide training, networking opportunities and other support. See if there are any upcoming events that you can attend to learn more about the industry and start networking. You can also reach out to someone working in the field and set up a short coffee meeting or phone call to ask them key questions about that career.

It can be hard to know if an industry will remain in demand or be sustainable, so do your research. Census data is free-to-use, online information that can help you track job trends, including which industries are growing and which are receding. Census data shows, for example, sustained growth in healthcare, skilled trades in construction and professional and technical services – this means there’s an ongoing need for people to work in those areas.

3. Put yourself out there

Once you’ve identified the areas that appeal to you, don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Use all the tools at your disposal: update your resume and digital professional profiles; ask friends and family if they have any connections in the field who might open some doors; and search online hiring platforms as well as industry-specific job boards.

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