Resume Advice

4 must-have skills for the current job market

Even in a tight job market there are always companies looking to hire people. The catch is that they’re looking for specific skills. Here are four of the most sought-after areas of expertise that employers are seeking.

Be a wordsmith

If you have an aptitude for writing, hone that. There is a wide array of jobs that require solid writing chops including public or media relations, marketing, research analysts, in-house copywriters and social media managers.

Communication is key

Are you the extrovert in your group who can make small talk with anyone at the party? Then you might be perfect for a job in public relations or customer service management, reaching out to customers on behalf of companies. Your personality would also be suited for many other fields that require lots of communication with consumers or suppliers, including event planning and publicity.

Tech talk

Virtually every job out there requires some level of technological proficiency, from understanding how the ordering system works at a fast-food restaurant to data analysis. If you’re looking to enter a new field, research what the most common systems and platforms are and look for free tutorials.

Don’t sell yourself short

The world is filled with sales jobs, from the clerk at a small mom-and-pop shop to the sales associates at large retail chains to car salespeople and real estate agents. The best salespeople combine a bit of all the skills mentioned above. If you think a tech-based sales role might be a good fit for you, explore national retailers like Staples, which is hiring sales associates. You get perks like discounts and some roles carry commission bonuses.