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Workin’ moms' tips for returning to work

(NC) Many of us have spent the past year working remotely or waiting for our workplaces to open up again. But with the kids doing virtual schooling or in-person classes with new protocols, it can be hard to stay focused. Here are some expert tips for keeping everyone on track: 

Swap screen time for a podcast 

Lots of parents are wary about too much screen time, as TV and tablets take over school and play. But they’re helpful for keeping the kids entertained so you can work, cook or drive safely. Instead of another show or game, try introducing them to a podcast. An educational podcast or one that reads stories will encourage them to use their imaginations while giving their eyes a rest.  

Get organized well in advance  

Organization can go a long way towards saving you stress and increasing your productivity. If the kids are learning online and you’re working from home, make sure they have everything they need laid out the night before so they don’t have to interrupt you as much. Pre-portion snacks and drinks, and leave them in an accessible location so they can reach them on their own as needed.  

Use the latest tools for moms 

If you’re returning to work after having a baby, you have some extra challenges to consider. Whether you’re working remotely or going in person, a breast pump is a great way to manage feeding times so everyone can stick to a schedule and share the responsibility with a partner. Try the Pump in Style breast pump from Medela, which has pre-programmed speed and vacuum settings based on extensive research to take the guesswork out for more effective pumping.