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If you enjoy boating, these are the jobs for you

(NC) We all want our work to be connected to something we love, whether it’s a cause we’re passionate about or hobby that can pay the bills. But what if you love boats and the water? No need to move to Hawaii – there are plenty of opportunities right here in Canada.

If you’re thinking of changing your career path or advising your kids on theirs, here are some jobs to consider on or near our national lakes and oceans:

Marine engineering

Marine engineering officers are responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of all equipment and structures aboard Canadian Coast Guard vessels. They keep the main engines and auxiliary systems of the ship in good working order under the supervision of the vessel’s chief engineer. If you are resourceful, enjoy teamwork and have a good knowledge of math and physics, this could be a career for you.

Marine navigation

Marine navigation officers are responsible for the safety of their vessel, their crew and the environment. They pilot and follow routes from charts while taking depth, weather conditions and traffic into account. They are also responsible for radio communications. It’s an ideal role if you’re a good communicator, clear-headed and logical.

Inshore rescue boat

Crew members of the federal inshore rescue boat service respond and help mariners in distress or need of assistance. They also provide public education on boating safety topics, such as hypothermia, rules of navigation and personal watercraft use. This is the perfect job for post-secondary students looking for a summer job, as operation is seasonal and requires workers attend college or university in the fall.

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