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Indigenous peoples still face employment barriers, but free programs can help

As Canadians, we like to think that our country celebrates diversity and provides equal opportunities for everyone. But the truth is that many groups experience discrimination and obstacles to success.

A recent survey of Indigenous Canadians shows the challenges they face daily, including prejudice at work. Almost 59% of people have faced discrimination at their current jobs, and over half have admitted to hiding their Indigenous backgrounds in order to better fit in at work.

Some industries can be less welcoming than others. Indigenous people face difficulties in pursuing technology careers due to economic challenges that limit their access to education. 75% of those surveyed think that stereotypes affect how people see their abilities in the IT sector.

A non-profit organization is helping Indigenous peoples succeed in the tech industry by providing them with the necessary tools and training.

Pablo Listingart, founder and executive director of ComIT, believes in a holistic education approach. This means integrating technology-based learning with important job skills such as resume building and interview training. “Through remote programs, we extend access to quality education, bridging gaps for those in remote communities where opportunities are scarce.”

The non-profit not only offers free education but also connects people facing employment challenges with companies in need of skilled workers.