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Top ways to keep learning from home

(NC) As we adjust to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new normal, it can feel like time is on pause. But there are so many opportunities just a click or a tap away to keep learning.  Turn self-isolation into self-improvement with these learning sources. 

Sign up for an e-newsletter 

With so much negative news constantly bombarding our TV screens and social media feeds, it can be tempting to step away entirely from sources of information. But one way to keep learning while maintaining some control over what you’re consuming is by subscribing to an e-newsletter with curated content. For example, you can sign up for a daily digest of top stories from your local newspaper. If you’re interested in agriculture, you can check out Agri-Info, an online newsletter about industry trends, science innovation and even gardening tips and tricks.  

Take continuing education 

Time in isolation can be an opportunity for self-improvement. Continuing education courses on a dizzying variety of topics and skills are available online for you to take at your own pace. Many are available for free, but even paying into a program can be a valuable investment in yourself. Services offered through your local library can be a great jumping-off point. Mastering a new skill or area of expertise can provide an essential feeling of accomplishment at a time when we all need it. 

Get certified 

New technologies mean new skills, but that doesn’t mean you need a degree to understand them. Many new online tools and programs offer businesses major advantages, and knowing how to use them can give you a significant edge in the job market. Best of all, plenty of companies offer online, learn at your own page certification in their software completely free. All it takes is some time and dedication, and you can not only pick up a marketable new skill, but end with something to show for it. 

Play a great podcast 

Not all material needs you to sit at a computer. It’s a great feeling to take an educational podcast for a walk or learn while you cook. It can open up new topics and provide new perspectives, hands-free. Take The First Sixteen, a new podcast all about the latest breakthroughs and innovations in agriculture and agri-food. Whether you’re a farmer, a foodie or just curious about the latest and greatest, check out this exciting podcast for a fresh helping of knowledge every other week. 

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