Resume Advice

Your resume is your first impression

Putting your best foot forward when looking for work starts with your resume. Customize each job application to the position being applied for – mass form resumes with the wrong name or position will not impress a prospective employer.

Follow some of these simple Do’s and your resume will land you more in-person interviews for your dream position.


1.  Keep your resume clear and concise. A simple clean layout is best.

2.  Proofread numerous times. A fresh set of eyes from a friend will also help you find errors that sometimes the eyes naturally gloss over.

3.  Limit your resume to two pages plus a cover letter.

4.  Tailor your resume to suit the position you are apply for.

5.  Highlight work and skills that you have accomplished.

6.  Be honest. It’s not hard for employers to uncover dishonesty with very little effort.

7.  Put your latest experience first.

8.  Add volunteer or other experience if it can be applied to the position applied.

9.  Give your cover letter a lot of attention. It should highlight how your skills would be an asset to the employer and tell a story about what your goals are in relation to the position being applied for. The cover letter is not a throw-away obligation … this is important and should be written with care.

Happy job hunting!