Human Resources

Analysis of job listing prior to posting

It's always a great idea to review job positions before posting looking for new candidates. If you can answer the question: why this position exists your job posting can be tailored to find the right candidate for the job.

Position Information


Job Title                                                                                                      

Reports to                                                                            

Job Summary

Helpful Hint: When writing the Job Summary, the easiest way to write it is to simply answer the question, “why does this position exist?” 

What is the primary purpose of the job?

  • List all that apply.

Duties and Responsibilities

Helpful Hints: When itemizing major and additional responsibilities that the position is expected to perform, ask yourself the question “what do I want this position to do?”

Each task description should start with an action verb that is specific in nature and tell a clear, concise story of what is expected. 

What are the major responsibilities of the job?

What are the additional responsibilities of the job? 

Minimum Qualifications:

Technical Knowledge/Experience

1) How much formal education is required to perform this job?

  • Education Requirements
  • List necessary specialized training
  • List required professional licenses or certificate 

2) How much similar or related experience is required to perform this job?

  • List related experience and duration


The manager and incumbent will determine the five most important competencies required for superior performance in this position. The results will be entered on the final job description.

Preferred Qualifications

Helpful Hint: Preferred Qualifications are not essential to the job but are skills that can enhance a candidate’s ability to perform the job at a superior level.

Please note any unusual or unique responsibilities or conditions not previously addressed.

  • List any unusual and unique experience the job requires.