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3 hottest student jobs

(NC) Being a university or college student is a unique time in life. But it can also be expensive. Finding a part-time job can be an important way to offset the cost of your education, and also gain valuable work experience. Here are some of the best student jobs to consider:

Research assistant.

Working for a professor provides you with a great opportunity to keep learning while you get paid. Often a part-time, work-from-home or on-campus role, it provides ultimate flexibility so you can easily work around your classes and assignments. Plus, it will look great on a graduate school application.

Alumni caller.

Major colleges and universities have an alumni relations department, which usually employs current students to communicate with alumni. Ideal for social butterflies, this position offers great customer service experience as well as the chance to chat about your favourite things on campus.

Census worker.

Perfect for students, flexible part-time employment with the census helps you practice teamwork, organization, and communication skills as you collect data that can be used to make informed policy decisions that improve our communities. Applications open in January 2021, with start dates in April 2021. Find more information at