Job Ad

Avoid being scammed by fake job ads

Phony job ads are the latest scams proliferating on the internet and social media and are often part of the identity-theft schemes. Now that you know about this, you can avoid falling victim to them.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that a job post is likely a scam.

  1. Beware of abnormally high salaries.
  2. Don't accept jobs you didn't apply for.
  3. Be wary of job ads touting the need to verify your identity at the outset.
  4. Take the text of the job ad and put it int Google.
  5. Research the identity of the person posting the ad.
  6. Check the spelling and domains fo company names.
  7. Avoid text-only interviews.
  8. Don't give out your credit card or phone account login.
  9. Don't buy things on behalf of a potential employer.
  10. If something feels suspicious, investigate or better yet, walk away.

Large international job sites are perfect breeding grounds for deceptive job ad designed to get you to reveal personal information about yourself. Look for work using sites that curate quality listings in your area and don't allow these types of ads to proliferate.

Do your part and report these types of posts to site administrators. Reputable companies will terminate the listings immediately.