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Kids still living at home? These places are hiring

(NC) Many young people’s plans changed last year. Whether or not your teen or young adult intended to move out, the economic downturn made finding a job or breaking into a career particularly hard.

But life doesn’t stop, and it’s natural to want to move on to the next stage. Fortunately, the pandemic has not eliminated all stable work opportunities. Here are some sectors that are hiring:

Agriculture and agri-food

The food supply chain has never felt more important. Whether it’s on a farm, in food or beverage manufacturing, distribution, or food science and research, there are many opportunities available in this industry for all levels of experience.


Since our lives have become almost completely virtual, we tend to rely on tech companies for telecommunication tools like Zoom, and our internet bandwidth has had to grow as well. From customer service positions to technical engineering roles – if there’s tech or communications involved, chances are there’s room.

Marine sector

Does your young adult love the outdoors and long for adventure? Do you want them to have a stable, well-paying career? The Coast Guard might be one to consider. 

Training as an officer cadet at the Canadian Coast Guard College, they’ll become a public servant with a degree, a fully paid education and a monthly allowance, but will also get the chance to see the country and take part in exciting operations. 

The agency has a variety of opportunities across the country including roles in search and rescue, marine communications and traffic services, marine electronic development and others.

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