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Working to make ends meet? The Canada workers benefit can help

(NC) This year, many of us are finding it more difficult to make ends meet, particularly as the pandemic continues . If you’re finding it a struggle to pay for basic necessities, receiving government credits and benefits can make a big difference in your life.  

The Canada workers benefit was designed to put more money in the hands of working individuals and families who earn a low income. The amount you can expect to receive depends on your income and the province or territory where you live.  

Individuals in most provinces and territories can get up to $1,381 and families up to $2,379. This extra money could be used to help with rent, childcare or paying your bills. And there’s no catch – if you’re eligible, you just need to claim it on your taxes. 

If you think your income will stay the same, you can receive up to half of your benefit in advance payments instead of waiting for tax time. 

So, how do you get the benefit? You simply need to do your taxes. It’s the only way that the Canada Revenue Agency can assess your income and eligibility.  

When completing your income tax and benefit return, follow the instructions on how to claim the benefit in your NETFILE-certified tax software. If you file a paper return, fill out Schedule 6 in your income tax package. 

You can apply for advance payments through the agency’s My Account portal or by mailing in the advance payments form. 

Every dollar counts. Find out if you qualify at